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EAS News 2015 - Q1

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In our first e-news update of 2015, we're happy to share a variety of things with you ranging from a brand new facility through to our part in an initiative to support the sustainable use of plant protection products in the EU...

***For more details on our global locations, click here to see the regions we operate in***

Newsletter 4

New Base in Haselbach: EAS Germany

2015 sees our organisation in Germany expanding to improve geographical coverage and extend our service offering. This spring, our new field station in Haselbach (Lower Bavaria) will conduct field efficacy studies for our clients from the agrochemical industry. The focus of activities will be on arable crops and pastures; click here to read more...


Training and awareness for the safe use of PPP's: EAS Europe

As part of the EU funded Better Training for Safer Food initiative, Richard Glass, our OPEX specialist, is involved with a 24 month training programme with the objective to support the sustainable use of plant protection products in the EU. Read on for further details.


New glasshouse facility at Wilson: EAS UK

The new glasshouse at Wilson was completed at the end of 2014 and replaces the previous facility. With a modern design it offers more useable space than the previous design as well as four independently controlled climatic zones; click here for more information.

Denmark receives GLP accreditation; EAS Denmark

EAS Denmark began its activities in January 2013 with two people and grew to a team of four in time for the 2014 season. The site was fully accredited by the Danish authorities for GEP efficacy trials on 11th of April 2013.

Now, we are pleased to announce that the station received GLP accreditation in early 2015. Please direct all enquiries to Karin Frederiksen the station manager.


Aged Residue Studies: EAS EcoChem GmbH

A new automatic weather shield for aged residue studies comes into operation at Eurofins Agroscience Services EcoChem GmbH…

And finally... How to identify Blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides)

Click here for an infographic on how to identify Blackgrass, an annual plant, common from Spring through Autumn, please follow the link