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EAS Group News; Autumn field programs, wild bee studies, mixture toxicity and more...

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

With harvest already underway in many regions across the globe, we are looking ahead to Autumn work, post harvest studies and planning for 2015.  Please see below EAS Group news updates from the last few months.

***For more details on our global locations, click here to see the regions we operate in***

Autumn field programs (Europe) & Spring trials (Aus & NZ)

Combining has already finished in many regions across Europe and planning is well underway for Autumn trials.  Drilling is in progress so any requirements for pre-emergence or seed treatment trials need to be communicated now.  Its a different story in the southern hemisphere; with spring fast approaching in Australia, blossom blight and leaf curl trials in stone fruit are underway! Click here for further information on global activities or contact us direct with enquiries.

Autumn field programs 1

Mixture toxicity: Eurofins Regulatory AG

In the past, the risk for humans, plants and wildlife from exposure towards Plant Protection Products was largely evaluated only for individual active substances. In contrast, non-target organisms are usually exposed to chemical mixtures bearing the potential for enhanced combination toxicity.  Read more...

Global Exposure Assessment Studies: EAS Global

We have a team of Study Directors and Exposure Assessment Scientists responsible for the design and conduct of exposure studies taking into account recent legislation and EFSA guidance documents. Recently completed exposure studies include:

  • Hydraulic boom and broadcast air-assisted field sprayers
  • Hand held application techniques for open field and protected cropping systems
  • Potato, cereal and maize seed treatment - mobile and factory based
  • Fumigation/smoke generator applications in flour mills, grain stores and livestock housing….

Read on for more information

Taxonomy: Eurofins MITAX B.V. Services

For MITAX (Eurofins MITAX B.V. Services), part of the Agroscience Group, the identification of terrestrial arthropods is their core business. MITAX performs quantitative analyses of bulk samples under GLP and provides identification certificates, ecological information on species and prepare reference collections.   Continue reading

Pesticide residue analysis: EAS Global

With several laboratories located across the globe, we can provide a complete service for the analysis of agrochemicals in crops, processed fractions, soil, water, air, animal tissues and body fluids using state of the art instrumentation.  This year, we have seen laboratory capacities reached earlier than usual.

Please see our recommendations for lab programs, and more information.

Wild bee studies: EAS EcoChem

Eurofins Agroscience Services EcoChem GmbH is now offering new studies with wild bees following standard or special designs.  All studies are planned and performed by a highly experienced team of scientists and technical personnel.

The objective of the studies is to evaluate the side effects of the test item on...

Fundraising campaign for Kindernothilfe: EAS EcoChem

Michael Erden started an initiative during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil that combined the fun aspect of guessing the winners of all games in the tournament with a charity idea. In total a sum of 770 Euro was collected from more than 50 participants, with the management of EAS EcoChem agreeing to donate the same amount as the employees had collected. A total of €1,540 was donated to a children's project in Brazil via Kindernothilfe; a charity that realises and protects children's rights. The organisation reaches out to over 1.5 million children with programs that help vulnerable and marginalized groups - we're proud of our fundraisers.
For more information, please contact

And finally... How to identify Couch grass (Elymus repens)

Couch grass (Elymus repens) is the most common perennial grass weed in arable crops in the moderate climate - rhizomes can be detected at any growth stage, so always carry a spade with you when looking for couch fields!  Continue reading