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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


This month, we are pleased to share some very significant news from EAS Group - we have made a number of acquisitions that will enhance and improve our services, collaborated with a cutting edge technology driven organisation to deliver a ground breaking study and introduced an exciting new test at our lab in Vergeze.  Any questions?  Don't hesitate to get in touch!


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In Summary....

  1. Agrartest GmbH joins Eurofins Agroscience Services Group - click here
  2. Ground breaking UAS ULV application of adulticide - click here
  3. New Seed Station acquired in France- click here
  4. Synthesis – C-14 custom radiolabelling services - click here
  5. New specialist Glasshouse installed at EAS Trialcamp in Valencia- click here
  6. Dermal Absorption – antifouling paint studies - click here
  7. EAS Regulatory Expert speaking at CIR 2018; Regulatory Group - click here
  8. Skin repellent studies; EAS Thailand - click here
  9. EXPERT OPINION: Environmental modelling for risk assessment- click here
  10. United Nations Global Compact Network - click here


Thanks for reading - any questions? Please feel free to contact me,

Lou Abbott-Williams

Head of Marketing
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