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EAS field station and Eurofins Analytical laboratory gain CIB accreditation in India

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On June 14th 2016 the Central Insecticide Board of India certified Eurofins Agroscience Services' field station in Coimbatore to conduct residue trials - we are proud to announce that this is the first accreditation of its kind in India.

Furthermore, our partner, Eurofins Analytical Services laboratory in Bangalore received accreditation from the same authority for pesticide residue analysis in plants and soil, product chemistry, stability and environmental fate (persistence studies in soil, water and plants).

With this certification of both facilities, Eurofins Agroscience Services can now offer an extensive and high quality residue service, both lab and field, to clients for the registration of agrochemicals in India.

The service is already operational for the Kharif season 2016.

Please direct any enquiries to Jean Louis Allard