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Drones - a standard tool for field trials

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The benefits of drone usage mean that they are widely used in the Agroscience market for a variety of reasons.  At EAS, we can provide drone imaging as standard for field trials using our own drones equipped with cameras.

Where an augmented service is required, we have developed relationships with professional dronists who use the latest technology in sensor and image analysis in order to highlight differences in visible, red-edge or near infra red spectrum. This enables you to vizualize crop physiological differences related to treatment or to pathogen attack. We provide this as an optional service, where our clients are looking for a visual effect.

At EAS, we see aerial imaging as a necessary add-on to our field service across all disciplines, from an efficacy demonstration trial through to Ecotox honey bee trials.

Please contact Emilie Guillard for more information.

Images courtesy of G2way UK, EAS Germany & Airinov France