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Committed to growth; looking ahead at EAS Group

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Here at EAS Group we are committed to providing the agrochemical industry with the services it needs to ensure future success. We understand the challenges are multitude and varied - food security, reducing environmental impact, creating affordable solutions; we are all working to make things better.

We have grown over the years, thanks to the hard work of our staff and close partnerships with our clients to become one of the world market leading CRO’s in Agroscience. This is something we are proud of yet realistic about; an ongoing commitment to growth, both organically and through acquisition, means that we don’t sit still for long.

Commentary follows on the completion of the new build at Niefern and events in the wider industry from two of the company’s senior managers, including Klaus Kuegler, Head of EAS Group. This offers a unique insight into why we are dedicated to growth and the benefits this will bring for clients.

An ambitious project, Eurofins Agroscience Services announced expansion plans for the lab facility at Niefern-Öschelbronn in Germany in July 2015. Now complete, the lab provides more than 3,000m2 in additional laboratory and office space allowing the workforce to grow to over 300 employees.

“The lab expansion is a realisation of the ongoing EAS Group goal of meeting clients' needs,” says Klaus Kuegler, Head of EAS Group. “It means that we can now meet increasing demands in a timely and efficient manner. The new building will enhance the ongoing expansion of EAS Group's service offering in the areas of ecotoxicology, e-fate and metabolism, product chemistry and residue analysis.”

“Continual development has been a theme here for some time,” he continues, “since 2014 we have set up a new Field station in India managed by our own staff and added two locations for our Regulatory Consulting team. We acquired three companies in the EU specialising in ecotoxicology and field studies in 2015 and already in 2016, we’ve made another EU acquisition and one in Australia.”

“At the same time, we try to focus on internal growth and improvement, ensuring that our employees, the technology we use and our IT systems are continually developed. This is to ensure they remain state of the art, keeping up with new technologies and methods as well as establishing new services to suit our clients’ needs and to adapt to regulatory changes.”

It is certainly true that agrochemical manufacturers are currently experiencing pressure from many angles in a difficult environment; increasing regulatory demands on a global scale; market consolidation, and enduring policies within manufacturer companies to minimize fixed costs – these are all major challenges.

Eurofins Agroscience Services COO, Friedrich Knecht has strong views regarding growth and the future.

“There is little room for complacency in our sector; you only need to look at the headlines in the agro-industry press to see why, there are important changes happening on a daily basis,” says Knecht who joined EAS Group from a Crop Protection multi-national in 2014. “Anticipating and subsequently matching our clients’ needs is paramount moving forward,” he adds, “in the coming months, we will continue to touch base with our clients to ensure we miss nothing and that we’re ready to give the support they need.”

“The pace of change within the industry has really ramped up in the last year, with a spate of blockbuster mergers and acquisitions on the horizon,” he continues. Globalisation continues to increase in importance as emerging markets remain in the spotlight while both mature and emerging markets see progressive regulatory change. Regulatory emphasis continues to throw ecotoxicological and environmental fate issues into sharp focus. In an environment of weak raw agricultural commodity pricing and volatile currency exchange shifts, getting the best value out of each development project becomes even more important for crop protection companies.

We, at Eurofins Agroscience Services, have committed ourselves to developing our products and services to meet the emerging regulatory requirements. In an operational capacity we aim to achieve critical mass, increased resource and breadth of scope to make a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture and create a compelling service offer.”

“We are looking forward to meeting all of these challenges and are prepared for a period of further growth and adjustment as we continue to closely support our customers during this time of change,” he concludes.

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