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Citrus Processing in Brazil

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It is citrus season in Brazil again and EAS LATAM is engaged in all steps of the production!  We are currently conducting GLP processing phases to determine residue in some industrial fractions, as juice, bagasse, peel and oil.  These trials are fundamental to Import Tolerance studies which have a huge impact in Brazilian fruit exports.  To put this into context, in 2015, Brazil exported 96,631,634 kg!*

Please contact Karoline de Barros Waitman for information or enquiries

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Sprayer application open class

EAS LATAM will hold a sprayer application open class in August for all collaborators to increase knowledge of the equipment, help answer questions and share expertise in field trials between all those involved.

(*Source: AGROSTAT - Estatísticas de Comércio Exterior do Agronegócio Brasileiro - MAPA).