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Bee open day: EAS Inc., NC, USA

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Our US based ecotoxicology experts hosted a 'bee open day' for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) and PMRA ( Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Canada) during October.  Despite a heavy downpour and high winds, everyone enjoyed an apiary visit, learned a lot about basic bee keeping, and honey bee field and lab research…

Bee Open day in North Carolina 1

During the morning session, various demonstrations took place including colony condition assessment, brood photography, bee matrices sampling, Varroa mite counts using sugar shack, in-vitro larval feeding study, chronical adult feeding study, acute contact and feeding studies.

Bee Open day in North Carolina

 The lab tour was in Prospect Hill while field demos were at Cedar Grove and sounding apiaries. For more information, please contact Jing Zhai