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Aged Residue Studies: EAS EcoChem GmbH

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A new automatic weather shield for aged residue studies comes into operation at Eurofins Agroscience Services EcoChem GmbH…'        

Aged Residue Studies: EAS EcoChem GmbH

Eurofins Agroscience Services EcoChem GmbH has built up a new automatic weather shield which provides self-regulated protection of test item treated crops (e.g. apple trees) during aged residue studies. The new open sided construction (height 4 m; area 200 sqm) has an electronically controlled roofing system made of UV permeable glass that opens and closes depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Sensors automatically close the roof before rain showers, protecting the treated plants from precipitation. The roof is opened when the sensor readings, based on factors such as cloud cover (rainfall probability) and wind speed, deem it safe to do so.

This system allows treated plants to be exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods of time. Without automation plants have to be manually moved to a shelter when weather conditions deteriorate. The plants must therefore remain in a sheltered position when relocation by staff members is not possible (e.g. weekends). Eurofins' new automatic system allows plants to remain in direct sunlight during such periods, without the fear of unpredicted rainfall. This increases sunlight exposure and provides more realistic study conditions.

For further information, please contact Dr Susanne Timmermann