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A challenging year for US Beekeepers

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

April 2015 - April 2016 proved a hard year for beekeepers in the USA, with the Bee Informed Partnership's annual survey (5,756 beekeepers managing 389,083 colonies responding) finding commercial and hobbyist respondents lost 44% of their colonies over the year (

With varroa mite as both a parasite and disease vector, malnutrition, and the heavy workload and other myriad stressors on the honeybee, it is a backaching labor of love to manage honeybee colonies, and a constant challenge.

Eurofins Agroscience Services, Inc., USA, managing over 500 hives, each with diligent maintenance record and proactive beekeeping, yielded just over 12% losses over this same span of time.  Varroa management and nutritional supplementation can be credited for this most acceptable loss rate. 

As spring began to bloom, our beekeeping team here at Eurofins Agroscience Services, Inc., in Cedar Grove, N.C., was able to make use of the natural propensity for healthy hives to swarm, and gain over 200 new colonies via splits from our winter survivors!

May your nectar flows be long, your pollen abundant, your winter losses minimal, and your varroa mites dead!

Marcus Hill, Research Scientist - Apiculturist; EAS Inc., NC