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Trial fields

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Eurofins Agro has a separate trial field analysis department. This is where practice and analysis converge. We are happy to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

Eurofins Agro carries out various types of practical analyses for both large and small clients. Having all facilities of a laboratory at our disposal is also very valuable for our practical analyses. You can come to us for fertilisation problems, as well as plant health analysis.

Independent analysis

As an independent analysis company, we make a neutral assessment of what is happening. We are independent from the government, and from manure suppliers. As an accredited laboratory, Eurofins does nothing other than establish the truth by objectively measuring data. We establish the analysis targets with the client. What is the analysis needed for? We then set up a trial field with the goal of monitoring everything as optimally as possible.

Various kinds of clients

Our clients are very diverse: from feed and fertiliser suppliers and breeders to individual agricultural farms. We also carry out analyses for groups of companies or study clubs. Municipalities and other government bodies are also in our portfolio, and we work for various agricultural sectors: livestock farming, arable farming, open field cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, public greenery and sport fields. In our research we also work with consulting parties and universities (e.g. the Wageningen University).

We have a number of greenhouses at our disposal at our branch in Wageningen, the Netherlands. We carry out analyses in places where the conditions can provide the best results.

For further information please contact researcher Karst Brolsma or fill in the form below.