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Substrate and potting soil supply

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Substrate and potting soil are subject to strict requirements. Eurofins Agro can test whether your potting soil and substrates meet the quality requirements that apply in the sector. We also offer analyses that specifically target various quality marks.

Growers must be able to trust the quality of their substrate and potting soil. For this reason, many soil suppliers therefore work hard to ensure compliance with national standards/quality marks. To demonstrate compliance, Eurofins Agro can help through detailed testing which can be tailored to your preferences/requirements.

Chemical and physical properties

The Eurofins Agro analyses give you insight into the chemical and physical properties of the substrates. The properties of substrate or potting soil are related to the nature of use and the plants that grow in them. Are we talking about lettuces, bedding plants or orchids? Or cultivating tomatoes, sweet peppers or cucumbers? Every plant has its own set of requirements. The pH is important, but so are the (trace) elements. The physical properties are especially important for optimum cultivation. Nothing can be left to chance.

Clean and pure

You know better than anyone that the products must be clean and pure so there is no risk to the cultivation. Purity starts with the raw materials. Eurofins Agro analyses will tell you whether the raw materials, as well as the production process of substrate and/or potting soil, are pure.

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