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Sport fields & Golf Courses

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A good, healthy turf is literally the foundation for sports performances. Natural grass suffers quite a bit of damage when used intensively. The Eurofins Agro analyses are the foundation for a good turf.

Whether we’re talking about football, golf or another sport, those practising the sport benefit from a high quality turf, even if it is just to prevent anyone from getting injured. Sport fields and golf courses are used intensively, making the grass vulnerable. To avoid damage, sound maintenance is required.

The insight that soil analysis offers saves you money. You know exactly what and how much is required to keep soil in top condition, and can therefore prevent unnecessary or improper fertilisation. Your turf will not require restoration or replacement as quickly if properly maintained.

Chemical and physical properties

What needs to be fertilised? How much fertilisation is required? The Eurofins Agro analysis report shows you the recommended nutrients to be added in kilos per hectare. To keep turf healthy, it is necessary to take the physical as well as the chemical properties of the soil into account. To keep the field in good condition, the top layer of a sport field must be attenuated regularly by adding sand. The sand to be added must have a granular size and distribution comparable to that of the existing top layer. So it is necessary to know the granular composition of the top layer as well as of the sand.

Every field is different. A standard recommendation and standard fertilisation will not yield the best result. Soil analysis and sophisticated fertilisation go hand in hand. The advantage is a recommendation focused on the plot analysed.

Nematode investigation

When golf courses or sport fields are damaged, we often blame poor fertilisation or fungus infestation. We do not automatically think of nematodes as the cause. However, to maintain a healthy turf it is important to know which harmful nematodes are present in the soil. Sampling is required to find that out. We can chart the numbers and species for you using the most modern DNA technology.

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