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It is of crucial importance to owners of biogas plants that they have insight into the fermentation process from beginning to end. Eurofins Agro provides various analyses which accurately chart this process. That way nothing is left to chance, reducing the risk of unnecessary costs.

Eurofins Agro has a great deal of experience in the area of biogas analyses. These analyses provide important index data, giving insight and assurance over the fermentation process. We can chart the entire process for you: from substrate to digestate.

To a great extent, the efficiency of a biogas installation depends on a stable fermentation process. The microbiological processes that take place during fermentation are decisive for the biogas yield. Destabilisation can disrupt the optimum balance in the installation to such an extent that it becomes difficult to restore.

Profitable operation of the biogas plant

The basis for profitable operation of a biogas plant is reliable analyses. We offer the following analyses:

  • Substrate analysis prior to fermentation
  • Fermentation analysis during fermentation
  • Digestate analysis after fermentation

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