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Beef farming

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Health comes first in beef farming. Good feed and healthy water are important pillars of a sustainable operation. Eurofins Agro can support you through expert analysis of feed and water.

Roughage production

Feeding your cattle well is an art in itself. It starts with feed production. Many beef farmers handle (part of) their own roughage production. Eurofins Agro can support roughage production through soil and manure analysis. This helps answer important questions, such as is liming necessary? What about the pH, the organic matter content and the various nutrients?

The analysis provides important insights to enhance production in both the short and long term.

Roughage and water

A sound feeding strategy requires knowledge of the nutritional value of the roughage. Eurofins Agro offers skilled analysis based on years of experience. Our detailed reports include the parameters required to create the perfect ration composition. This provides the basis for healthy feed, high production and lower costs.

Water source for the cattle

We can also analyse the water source to identify the presence of a number of pathogens. As a farmer, you want the optimum quality of drinking water for your cattle. This seems obvious, but it is not. The quality is insufficient at a great number of cattle farms, and in many cases this also has negative consequences for the health of the livestock. You can have analysis carried out on water pumped to the surface, surface water, water from pasture pumps or water from the barn tap.

In brief: if you want to get a grip on these farming fundamentals, you’ve come to the right place - Eurofins Agro!

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