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Service tailored to the local situation

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Knowing about a plant’s nutritional status and health allows the crop to be treated in the best possible way. In Mexico, growers can submit samples to Horti Soluciones for analysis by Eurofins Agro. Within a few days they will receive a very informative analysis report.

Dennis de Zeeuw

If you send a sample for nutrient analysis to Horti Soluciones in Mexico on Monday, you get the results on Friday. “Speed and reliability are our priority,” says Dennis de Zeeuw, manager and owner of Horti Soluciones. “A grower can’t wait too long for results and he must be sure he can rely on the data provided. A plant disease diagnosis takes a few days more.”
Horti Soluciones is preferred dealer for Eurofins Agro in Mexico. The firm is based in Querétaro in the center of Mexico and delivers a broad range of horticultural supplies, from horticulture machinery to tomato clips and screens. Horti Soluciones also provides the complete Eurofins Agro horticulture analysis package.

High-quality requirements

Felipe Delgado, a manager with Zarattini, uses Horti Soluciones regularly to have water and soil analysis carried out by Eurofins Agro. Zarattini is one of the biggest horticulture firms in Central Mexico. It grows sweet peppers on 108 ha in plastic greenhouses. It also produces outdoor vegetable crops, mainly asparagus and broccoli, on almost 3,000 ha. Like many Mexican firms, Zarattini sells mainly to supermarkets in the US and Canada.
Delgado comments: “The quality requirements of our company are high. The American market demands that. This is why we work with Eurofins Agro - reliable results are very important to us. In addition, sending the samples and receiving the results from Eurofins Agro takes a very short time. This enables us to adjust our feeding schemes very quickly, if necessary. .”
The demand for organic produce from Mexico increases rapidly. This means that growers have to meet strict quality standards laid down by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program. Having water and soil tested regularly is one of the requirements. Eurofins Agro’s analyses are recognised by the authorities for that purpose.
“The organic market demands crops grown without chemicals which means that no pesticides can be used. Detecting pests and diseases in time is therefore very important. This can be done by Eurofins Agro’s DNA Multiscan and PlantDoctor. These types of analyses provide useful information, allowing growers to take action at an early stage and prevent phytosanitary problems within the crop,” explains De Zeeuw.

Advice and custom solutions

Horti Soluciones doesn’t just provide the analytical report. Growers can also contact them for crop advice. De Zeeuw: “We have a lot of in-house knowledge and are in close contact with the Dutch horticulture sector. In fact, not all Dutch horticulture technology is suitable for the situation in Mexico. For this reason we ensure the advice is always tailored to the local growing conditions. Many growers in Mexico, for example, only need a limited analysis package. We advise our clients accordingly.”
“Service and custom solutions. That's where we score well”, he emphasises. “For instance, we also offer a pre-paid solution for sampling. Growers can buy a package of a hundred samples for an entire season. This is very convenient for our client, and we can make an attractive offer. He concludes: “We always respond to the needs of the growers and their crops. The results of the analysis and the PlantDoctor report show growers where they stand. This enables them to take the best decisions for optimal results at all times.”