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Scientific Collaboration

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A number of Eurofins laboratories have agreements with universities and research agencies to accommodate within their teams both scientists and technicians in the course of their qualifications, doctorates, post-doctorates etc. These academic collaborations enable Eurofins to identify talented individuals who have the potential to join the Company in the future and who often possess fresh ideas and insights. The secondees in turn are able to apply their academic learning in a practical environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

Eurofins also  regularly engages in collaborations with academic, industrial and public sector research organisations in scientific research projects that advance the cause of health and environment. These projects often aim to formulate solutions to address issues that ultimately affect consumers. Eurofins scientists, for example, have participated in several EU or US government funded projects, most recently the TRACE initiative, a programme designed to trace the origin of food. A Eurofins team is also leading the EU working group on food allergens, which has, in cooperation with major industrial partners, pioneered a new method for direct multiple-detection of allergens.

These collaborations underscore the reputation of Eurofins' scientists, and allow us to remain at the forefront of research and development.