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Local communities

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We believe in being good citizens and taking an active role in the communities where we live and work.

  • Garden to the Table (New Zealand)
    Garden to the Table is an initiative teaching children the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing their food.
    Three schools were selected by the trust to benefit from Eurofins’ donation. One of our experts spoke to the students about the importance of soil health and nutrition and contributed to the Trust’s fact sheet on soil.
  • OzHarvest (Australia)
    OzHarvest is Australia's leading food rescue charity. They collect quality surplus food, distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfill.
    Eurofins' donation enabled OzHarvest to provide 76,000 meals to the neediest of our community. Eurofins' teams were invited to participate in a “cook off” which engaged staff in sponsoring their time and making their own financial contribution. During one High Potential (HP) seminar in Sydney the OzHarvest Foodtruck provided lunch for all of the participants demonstrating their philosophy on sustainable food use which resulted in some of Eurofins team members becoming volunteers for the organisation.
  • Amigos do Bem (Brazil)
    The mission of the Amigos do Bem is promoting local development and social inclusion to eliminate hunger and poverty through educational activities and sustainable projects.
    Eurofins' support contributed to the cost of education of 10,000 children and youngsters, offering complementary education, human development, cultural, sports and vocational workshops, as well as school transportation and nutritious meals.
    It also helped maintain and create new jobs through support to a programme directly benefiting 6,000 people and indirectly more than 3,000 people in the region.
    Furthermore, it contributed towards a programme aimed at the distribution of more than 1,400 tons of food to 60,000 people, the construction and delivery of 39 new masonry houses and production and access to over 400 million liters of water.
    Finally, the donation also enabled increasing the number of medical and dental consultations provided to patients, giving them access to more than 100,000 medicines.
  • You Dao Foundation (China)
    You Dao Foundation Ltd is a registered charity in Hong Kong and has branches in mainland China. It helps migrant children and extends programs, facilities, opportunity and hope to those who are marginalized. Eurofins' donation enabled the support of 6 migrant children (preschool-age) living in Shanghai.
  • Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V. (DKHV e.V.)
    The DKHV e.V. (German Children’s Hospice) provides guidance and support for children, adolescents and young adults with a life-shortening disease. The DKHV is located next to one of Eurofins' environment sites. Eurofins' support helped this association to reduce the fear of contact with the affected children and their families and that their interests and needs are communicated more effectively to the outside world.
  • La Société Royale de Philantropie (Belgium)
    The Société Royale de Philantropie supports the local communities in Belgium that are less fortunate. They mostly act by granting microloans with 0% interest rates. The financial support is never given directly to the beneficiaries but sent to the creditors: schools, hospitals, landlords, energy suppliers, public transportation services, etc. As a result, Eurofins' support helped fund 1 week summer camp holidays for 50 children, orthodontic fees and glasses, school trips for 6 children, school fees for 10 children as well as Christmas gifts for about 30 children.
  • Irish Red Cross - Dungarvan Branch (Ireland)
    Eurofins' donation helped the Local (Dungarvan) Irish Red Cross to expand the services that they can provide for the local community to purchase an ambulance- allowing them to provide first aid and emergency cover for sporting and charity events in Dungarvan and the surrounding area.
  • South East Simon Community (Ireland)
    Since 2004, South East Simon Community has been providing services to people experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness throughout the South East region of Ireland. The support of Eurofins for South East Simon’s Housing and Support (H&S) Services has been invaluable to ensuring that support is there for people when they need it most. The number of people calling upon our services in the South East Region has grown over the last year and is continuing to grow and it was crucial for the charity to increase its income to keep its level of service. The operation of the H&S services relies entirely on donations such as that made by Eurofins, meaning the charity was able to offer sound advice and support in securing and maintaining a tenancy and preventing a return to homelessness when issues arise.
  • Temple Street Foundation (Ireland)
    The Temple Street Foundation supports the vital, life-saving work that happens Temple Street Children's University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, as part of Children’s Health Ireland, every day. Eurofins’ donation helped the organization in their continuous efforts to provide the best possible care to the hundreds of sick children and their worried families coming through the doors of Temple Street in need of world-class medical care.
  • Save Fukushima Orphans (Japan)
    Eurofins donated to Fukushima prefecture to support orphans in the aftermath of The Great East Japan Earthquake where Eurofins Japan is currently running a radioactivity measurement competence center.
  • Special Education School of San Rafael Hospital (Spain)
    The Special Education School of San Rafael is a school catering for students with special educational needs due to severe cognitive and motor disabilities (a high percentage of them have cerebral paralysis), from childhood to adulthood. Eurofins' donation was used to buy a flat bipedestator (Horizon/Supine Stander; standing frame), helping children improve their symptomatic functions, settles and prevents bone density loss, diminishes progressive scoliosis, moreover it allows to obtain appropriate and stable physical containment of the children, improving their comfort. Since each student spends time daily in standing position, having flat bipedestators at school was crucial. The one obtained with the help of Eurofins is used by 6 students of the school.
  • Duke of Edinburgh (UK)
    The DoE award supports young people by giving them opportunities to be the best they can, regardless of the school they attend or their background. A personalised programme of volunteering, physical activities, life skills and an expedition empowers young people to build strong foundations for a happy and successful future. Eurofins' donation subsidised the cost of approximately 700 young people taking part in DoE activities that allowed them the opportunity to have life experiences and learn new skills, that due to their personal circumstances, they may not have been able to do otherwise.
  • The USO & The USO of NC (USA)
    This transition services, fitting with Eurofins' DNA, is especially poignant at the USO of NC level because of the presence of 2 of the largest military bases (Ft Bragg and Camp LeJeune) where service members leave active service for the business world. The local USO coordinates with national employers and also matches service members to companies based on skills and experience. Eurofins' support helped with relief efforts for disaster areas as well as preparing potential future employees.
  • Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (USA)
    The Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County serves over 600 children across Lancaster County whose family incomes fall within 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eurofins' donation enabled the team to work with a local architect well-known for designing innovative, engaging student spaces to open the region’s first early-learning STEM classroom.