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Eurofins Employees

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In 2019, over 45,000 people are working for Eurofins.

Employee Culture

Eurofins considers its workforce as the single biggest contributor to its ambition to be the leading player in the testing market. The Company is enriched by the successful integration of many different cultures illustrated by five different nationalities on the Group Operating Council alone.

We believe that our employees should enjoy the experience of playing a part in the international growth of Eurofins and its technological portfolio. We have promoted a common culture through the communication and application of our Leadership Charter and our Vision, Mission and Values, whilst emphasising the improvement of our internal processes.

Recruitment, Remuneration and Gender Equality

The Company believes that the good selection, training, development and management of employees, in particular with regards to their competences and skill levels, has resulted in the enhancement of our operational performance. This requires high-quality recruitment and training as well as an attractive wage policy designed to encourage both the individual and collective performance. On this basis our objective is equality of treatment between male and female employees in each subsidiary within the Group. The proportion of female employees within Eurofins is stable at roughly 60%.

Disability Policy

Eurofins companies advocate equal opportunities and provide people with disabilities the same consideration as others, whether they are already Eurofins employees or applicants. Eurofins cultivates a work environment where professional advancement is based solely on an individual's aptitude, performance and contribution. Group facilities are usually also accessible for disabled employees and visitors.


Our training programmes are designed to allow laboratory personnel to keep up to date with the latest developments in testing and analysis, as well as the fast-moving IT environment.

The exchange and transfer of know-how is a value driver within the Eurofins Group allowing us not only to maintain the high standards of quality that we offer to our clients but also to develop each individual's technical ability and proficiency. As an example, international internal conferences for the Analytical Service Managers are organised regularly to enhance Group-wide appreciation and understanding of technical and industry-focused issues that help to build stronger customer relationships.

Collective Agreements and Work Councils

There is a number of collective agreements within subsidiaries and affiliates. Employee representation is usually through an employee council, elected personnel, works councils, trade unions or other bodies specific to each country where the Eurofins companies operate.