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Community - Social Work

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Eurofins contributes to various social projects and charitable work throughout the year and many subsidiaries and laboratories take responsibility for local activities. At present there is no central co-ordination or focus for this social work other than a desire to enrich the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. At this stage in its development the Company considers this the best way to address this obligation.

The Eurofins Group financially supports several non-governmental charitable organisations. On a longer term basis Eurofins continues to support Plan International and ProGreffe as its main beneficiaries. More details on this charity can be found here : ( and the project proposal)


Organ transplants save lives every day: not enough lives unfortunately, due to a shortage of organs. What makes it even more difficult are the losses caused by chronic rejection. Research in the domain of immunological recognition of tissues, including those of animal origin (xénotransplantation), constitutes a great hope in breaking down the natural incompatibility between human and animal tissue.
In Nantes, Professor Jean-Paul Soulillou and his team from ITERT (Institut de transplantation et de recherche en transplantation) are working on this with the support of 12 companies grouped in the PROGREFFE Foundation. In 2007, Eurofins also adopted ProGreffe as one of its long term beneficiaries. This activity is a part of our mission to contribute to global health and safety. (