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Social entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we believe it’s important to support and empower start-up ventures that have social and sustainable goals

  • Nutridev – NutriZaza (Madagascar)
    Gret Nutridev program supports a local social business called Nutri’zaza that distributes locally produced quality fortified food to make sure it is available in all deprived neighborhoods of Madagascar. This initiative already has benefited 800 000 babies from 6 to 24 months, 70 000 children between 2 to 5 years old, 10 000 children between 6 to 14 in 20 schools of Antananarivo and 25 000 women of childbearing age.
  • SOIL Haiti (Haiti)
    The mission of Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is to promote dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods through the transformation of wastes into resources. They achieve this through developing social business models around ecological sanitation (EcoSan), a process in which nutrients from human wastes return to the soil rather than polluting fresh water resources. Eurofins will support the EkoLakay project, a household toilet social business model in Haiti. EkoLakay is a convenient sanitation option for people who don’t have a private toilet in their home, folks in areas with a high water table or lack of infrastructure, or people who want to ensure that their waste is transformed and re-used in a safe, dignified, and ecologically beneficial way.
  • Foundation for Future Generations (Belgium)
    Founded in 1998, the Foundation for Future Generations is the only Belgian foundation exclusively dedicated to the transition of our society towards sustainable development. The foundation operates on 3 pillars: "Think", to promote education, "Act", to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and "Invest" to promote sustainable projects in different fields (environment, food, fair trade, energy, construction...) We would like to support their Seed Equity & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SEnSE) program, which is an investment fund for start-ups with a sustainable project.
  • Bart De Graaf Foundation – BIKKELS project (The Netherlands)
    We will support the BIKKELS (project name meaning a tough and/or strong person) project, which consists in helping people with a physical limitation starting their own company so that they function independently in our society. The Bikkel is, with the necessary support, responsible for the progress and the success of his/her project and mission. Ultimately, the Bikkel is the boss of his/her business. The Bikkel gets support of the foundation and/or the mentor company during the period of one year.