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German DIBt approval system for low emitting construction products is about to change. Applications for approval by DIBt are not possible any longer for CE marked products.


For an update on the status as of February 2016, read more in our VOC Blog.

French Regulations on VOC emissions from construction products

France(French version) Germany(German version)

Compulsory VOC emissions labelling

A French regulation was published on 25 March 2011 with details published on 13 May 2011 regarding a mandatory labelling of construction products installed indoors, floor and wall coverings, paints and lacquers with their emission classes based on emission testing.

This regulation foresees that since 1. Jan. 2012, any covered product placed on the market has to be labelled with emission classes based on their emissions after 28 days, as tested with ISO 16000 and calculated for European reference room - similar to the two other French regulations on emissions of CMR substances.

As this is the same reference room as used in Germany and in Belgium, existing test data for German or for Belgian regulation can be used for assigning an emissions class, without new tests and without conversion of the test results. The same holds true for EMICODE, GUT and Blue Angel. Also other valid information can be used as basis for this assignment of class, such as tests based on ISO 16000, but with shorter testing duration.

The emissions class will be assigned by the manufacturer or the distributor in his self-responsibility.

Concerned products

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VOC emissions classes

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CMR emissions

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"Grenelle Environnement"

Both above initiatives of French government, running under the French name "Le Grenelle Environnement", go for implementing the goals of the national environment and health action plan PNSE 2.

AFSSET guideline (today ANSES)

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Is the French A+ class sufficient to show LEED compliance?

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Important links and graphic files

You will find the original texts in two documents - Decree no 2011-321 as published, Arrêté as published.

The graphic files are available for download in JPEG format (and in EPS format), or from an official French website for downloading these files.

The French ministry offers more information on a specific webpage in French language, including a non-exhaustive list of covered and non-covered products (in French language). You will find there also precisions and instructions for testing paints and varnishes, and doors and windows, for their VOC emissions classes (both in French language).

Eurofins offers testing

  • either just an ISO 16000 test for showing compliance with French regulations, or with AFFSET guideline, or with both
  • or the same test but supplemented with another test method with lower detection method for DEHP and DBP.
  • Background for that differentiation is the fact that there are doubts whether that the specified test method cannot detect such low levels of DEHP and DBP.

Further Information

A technical sheet with more information is available for download in English, in French and in German.

A similar information for Chinese customers is available in Chinese and in English.

Eurofins Product Testing A/S offers all relevant testing. The test programme can be expanded such that the same test can be used also for other regulations and labels in Europe - this will be much cheaper than if you order both tests separately. Reporting is possible in French, in English or in German, or in other languages upon request.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan:



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