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Conference More Info
Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society 2016 February 19-20
Cancer Immunotherapy - Molecular Med Tri-Con 2016 March 7-9
San Francisco, CA
Japan Pharmacology Society 2016 - 89th Annual Meeting March 9-11
Yokohama, Japan
SOT 2016 - 55th Annual Meeting - Booth #320 March 13-17
New Orleans, LA

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    In vivo preclinical safety and efficacy
The largest selection of target-based binding and functional assays for assessing compound potency & selectivity

  A systems based approach to screen for compound potency & liability as well as related predictive biomarkers using human cell models of oncology, immunology and cellular toxicity.   Disease relevant in vivo models to evaluate drug candidate efficacy in all major therapeutic areas (emphasizing anti-infectives, inflammation, CNS/pain and oncology) and early PK and toxicity assessment.
ADME - Toxicity   Custom Services  
Early pharmacokinetic and safety assessment through a combination of in vitro assays and small animal studies   Customized protein production, cell line and assay development using a diverse set of platforms and technologies   Instant access to reports and analytic data 
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Last updated: 09 February 2016