Eurofins Biolab Italy

Eurofins Biolab Italy

Via Bruno Buozzi, 2
I-20090 Vimodrone (Milano)

Tel: +39 02 25 07 15 1
Fax: +39 02 25 07 15 99

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Eurofins Biolab is a quality control and contract research organisation with GMP, GLP, ISO 9001, CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and FDA compliance recognition.

The company was set up in 1970 for the management of research and testing in different fields: pharmaceutical, chemical, medical devices and biocides.

Services provided:

  • Wide range of assays according to pharmacopœias and/ or customer specifications like: sterility, pyrogens, LAL test, GC, ICP, HPLC, AAS, etc...
  • Stability studies
  • Chemical studies

Product and Process control :

  • Biological assays
  • Chemical and physic-chemical tests
  • Biotechnological tests
  • Microbial identification by DNA sequencing
  • Process validation
  • Environmental qualification and monitoring
  • Microbiological studies
  • Efficacy studies
  • Biocompatibility and toxicological studies
  • Ecotoxicological and Biodegradability studies
  • Biological evaluation and specific conformity assessment of MD
  • Training

The staff consists of 100 employees (highly trained scientists).

Evaluation of pharmaceutical products:

  • Biological, toxicological, microbiological and bio-molecular assays pyrogens, LAL test, abnormal toxicity, sterility, microbial identification, microbial counts, identification and enumeration of specific micro-organisms, micro-organisms assays and much more
  • Chemical and physical-chemical assays general and specific assays as required by international pharmacopeia FU., Ph. Eur., USP, BP, JP performed with the following instrumentation: HPLC-UV, -MS, -DAD, RI, GC/FID, MS, TEA, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, ICP/AAS & ICP/GFAAS, UV-vis, FT-IR, ecc.; packaging materials, residual solvents and much more

Control and process validation and/or monitoring:

  • validation of sterilization process
  • production of water/vapour
  • environmental qualifications
  • aseptic filling
  • cleaning and disinfection validation


  • stability studies
  • development and validation of analytical methods
  • chemical studies
  • microbiological studies
  • biocompatibility studies
  • toxicological studies
  • ecotoxicological and biodegrability studies
  • genotoxicity studies
  • efficacy studies on disinfectants and biocides

Other services: we are able to provide complete support in complex and critical areas such as:

  • facilities for Advanced Therapies
  • production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • validation of disinfectants used under GMP production
  • controls and stability study on chemotherapeutical products

In conjunction with Eurofins Reg Ag, we can offer a full range of GLP and efficacy testing services as part of a complete registration solution for your biocidal products.

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