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Hearing aid compatibility (HAC) describes the usability and user-friendliness of a certain telephone if used by a hearing impaired person that has to use a hearing aid. HAC is an area of growing importance because the population of many countries gets older and older and more and more countries commit manufacturers of telephone equipment to build devices that are hearing aid compatible.

Because of the rich variety of telephone equipment, hearing aid compatibility is regulated and evaluated in accordance to many different standards.

Eurofins offer:

Complete coverage of telephony equipment! 

Eurofins offers the ability to perform hearing aid compatibility test on almost all kind of telephony equipment offered by the market.

International tests, always up to date!

 Eurofins offers a wide range of hearing aid compatibility test always according to the latest standards:

United States

FCC 47 CFR Part 20.19 / ANSI C63.19 - 2007 Compatibility between Wireless Communications
  Devices and Hearing Aids
FCC 47 CFR Part 68.316 & 68.317 Hearing aid compatibility: Technical requirements,
  Hearing aid compatibility volume control: technical standards


CS-03 Part V Issue 9/1 Magnetic Output from Handset
  Telephones for Hearing Aid Coupling


ETS 300 381 Inductive coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids

Guaranteed measurement quality!

For the performance of the different test cases, our experienced test engineers are supported by approved and efficient measurement equipment.

For the evaluation of the ratings of mobile phones and in order to fulfill the strict accuracy requirements of the ANSI C63.19-2007 measurement standard, Eurofins Product service utilize the high-precision robot based dosimetric measurement system from Schmidt & Partner Engineering AG. The measurement system together with the corresponding HAC-Extension and the powerful postprocessing software provides an accurate and reliable measurement environment that can be used for full HAC compliance testing.

For the evaluation of the of the hearing aid performance of corded telephones a measurement system from Head acoustics is used that provides a very powerful and flexible measurement setup. A large bandwidth of different telephone technologies can be measured.

High-precision performance evaluation

...of near-field rf emissions (ANSI C63.19)!

The M-rating of the mobile phone corresponds to the strength of the electromagnetic field produced by the mobile phone at the location normally occupied by the hearing aid. For performance evaluation the electric and magnetic near field in the vicinity of the acoustic output of the phone must be scanned and the maximum field determines the rating.

...of audio band magnetic t-coil mode (ANSI C63.19)!

The T-rating of the mobile phone corresponds to the quality of the audio band magnetic field produced by the mobile phone and captured by the hearing aid. The signal quality is evaluated by frequency response, signal strength and signal to noise ratio measurements.

For performance evaluation the audio band magnetic frequency response and signal to noise ratio must be measured. If the frequency response passes the test a t-coil rating is possible. The rating is determined from the best signal to noise ratio.

...of audio band inductive coupling (CS-03 Part V / FCC Part 68 / ETS 300 381)!

Contrary to the performance criteria of mobile phones, there are no ratings for corded telephones. Corded telephones are hearing aid compatible or not. A corded telephone can be considered as hearing aid compatible if all requirements of the corresponding national standard are met.

To prove the hearing aid compatibility of corded telephones the inductive coupling of the audio information to the hearing aid must be measured and evaluated. The quality of the inductive coupling is verified at predefined points around the acoustic output of the telephone handset. At these points the magnetic signal is picked up by an inductive probe and the signal intensity and the frequency response of the audio signal is evaluated.

High-quality reporting!

Test and measurement results are presented in form of a high-quality electronic report document. Each report cover detailed descriptions of the equipment under test, test conditions, measurement procedures and results and last but not least the verdict about the compliance with the tested standard.

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