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Draft Lithuanian Regulation on VOC emissions

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The draft regulation was notified to the EU Commission. It is named: 

Draft amendment of Order No V-895 by the Minister for Health of the Republic of Lithuania of 9 December 2004 approving Lithuanian Hygiene Norm HN 105:2014 "Polymer construction products and polymer furniture materials".

The text is available in several languages. After the so-called standstill period (ending on 04/05/2015), the text is intended to be transferred into a final regulation.

The draft regulation is an interpretation of the European Construction Products Regulation regarding VOC emissions from construction products into indoor air. It is the fourth such national regulation after those in Belgium, in France and in Germany. The draft regulation will be obligatory for legal and natural persons who manufacture and supply concerned products to the market of the Lithuanian Republic.

The draft regulation contains

  • Maximum emission limits for VOCs, TVOC and TSVOC after 3 days and after 28 days testing duration,
  • A list containing LCI limit values.
  • Please note that there are NO limits for VOCs without LCI value, different from the German regulation.
  • In Lithuania, the VOCs without assigned limit value are regulated via the limit values of the total VOCs and total SVOCs.
  • On top of that, there are limits for
    • Heavy metals concentrations in wall coverings
    • Formaldehyde emitted from floorings
    • Formaldehyde emitted from wood panels manufactured using materials containing formaldehyde
    • Metals concentrations in shaved material of furniture for children (EN 71-3)

The draft regulation applies to

  • all polymer construction products and polymer furniture for installation indoors.
    • The term polymer product means here: A product having a polymer organic compound (large molecular) as a main material or a binder

  • This is not limited to solid products, it also includes wet-applied products.

The draft regulation was not set into force until July 2016.

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Contact to surveillance and testing services

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