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Sensory Analysis

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The sensorial assessment constitutes a reliable and independent measuring tool enabling the assessment of consumers' preferences and foreseeing the motivation of their choices.

Concerning research and development, marketing as well as quality control teams use this method as a meaningful tool throughout the whole length of a product's life.

Your needs:

  • To measure the well-being and satisfaction brought by the use of your products
  • To show qualities and defects of your products compared with consumer expectations
  • To develop and improve cosmetic products as well as reacting to competitors
  • To assess the validation or the influence of either brand, product name, packaging, or price
  • The help the decision making while selecting the raw material
  • To study the influence on the product preference in consequence of changing the process or the raw material

Our answers:

  • Quantitative hedonic studies:
    • Blind tests
    • Acceptability
    • Preference tests
    • Multi-site studies
    • Tests performed at home or in a laboratory
  • Descriptive quantitative studies:
    • Sensorial profile
    • Flash profile
  • Qualitative studies:
    • Focus group
    • Individual interview
  • Preference cartography
  • Consulting and training

How we find solutions:

  • Scientific team consistent of 50 people: engineers, marketing consultants, psycho-sociologists, expert members of the Sensorial Assessment Committee (AFNOR, Association Française de Normalisation)
  • Specialised software for treatment of inquiry data and sensorial evaluation (FIZZ®)
  • Laboratory space according to V09-105 standard:
    • 4 Rooms controlled by air-condition and hygrometry
    • More than 90 normalised cubicles
    • 1 Masking room for home test products
    • Rooms with video equipment and two-way mirrors for group discussion
  • Interviewers visit the home of panellists in order to present the test products and to collect the panellists' opinions
  • Survey database of about 26,000 people in France of which a third is renewed annually; database includes consumers located in France (Paris, Aix-en-Provence, as well as Nantes) and all over Europe
  • Data base with volunteers from Europe and the US

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