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Eurofins Product Testing - Safety Tests

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The safety and harmlessness of a cosmetic product have to be guaranteed by appropriate testing before the product is brought to market.

Your needs:

  • To know the toxicological profile of your raw material
  • To assess the ocular primary tolerance
  • To determine the cutaneous primary tolerance
  • To assess the global tolerance of the product
  • To write a toxicological summary in compliance with the legal regulations

Our solutions:

  • Toxicological expertise
  • Toxicity studies (cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, etc.)
  • In vitro tolerance tests according to methods published at JORF 'Official Journal of the French Republic' (Het-Cam, Red Neutral Release, agarose overlay)
  • Clinical studies under dermatological control (simple patch test, test of the elbow line, etc.)
  • User test under medical control performed on healthy volunteers simulating real conditions
  • Safety assessment

How we find solutions:

  • R&D team exclusively dedicated to develop safety tests
  • Dynamic acting regulatory affairs departments that are able to advise you with respect to Cosmetics regulation, always up-to-date
  • Quality assurance guaranteeing reliability, reproducibility, and traceability of results (ISO-9001 version 2008, compliance with GLP and GCP, site agreement)
  • Several sites across Europe (France, Italy, Poland) and Asia (China)
  • Data base of more than 3,400 active volunteers (France) registered for clinical testing
  • Team of specialists (dermatologists, dentists, gynaecologists, ophtalmologists, paediatrician, etc.) participating in carrying out studies under optimum safety conditions in accordance with actual legal regulations (Law from 09.08.2004)
  • Highly qualified team consistent of biostatisticians, specialised technicians, coiffeurs, beauticians, as well as study managers

Our extensive experience in this sector enables us to provide effective solutions to microbiological problems that may arise during development of cosmetics products and their life cycle.

Your needs:

  • To ensure the product's safety
  • To foresee the microbiological risk linked to the deterioration
  • To assess the efficiency of antimicrobial preservation
  • To check the cleanliness of your products
  • To resolve a contamination problem
  • To satisfy the duration after opening requirements
  • To check the disinfectant activity according to the AFNOR standards

Our solutions:

  • Challenge tests
  • Microbiological counting = Total aerobic plate count
  • Germs identification such as Pseudomonas aeruginosaStaphylococcus aureusas well as yeasts and moulds
  • Tailor made test or analysis on request
  • Analysis of bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal as well as sporicidal activities

How we find solutions:

  • Technical specialised team working in compliance with actual regulations:
    • European and US Pharmacopoeia
    • AFNOR standards
    • SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety)
    • Client's protocol
  • Laboratory applies GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • 550 m2high-tech laboratory equipped with:
    • Workstations of microbiological safety (Class A)
    • Room with controlled atmosphere (Class B) and PCM 'Poste de Security Microbiologic' (Class A)
    • Dedicated room for handling germs
  • Our microbial strains are referenced and controlled.
  • Ready-to-use culture media are checked by arrival.

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