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Declaration/Label checks

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With Cosmetics every part of the labelling is regulated and it is a minefield to know what needs to be listed and in exactly what format. Even things like the font size come into play. 

Your needs:

  • Do you know what the declarable allergens are within your fragrance and essential oils?
  • Do you know to calculate them and how to show them on your labels?
  • Do you know how to use the correct way to declare your ingredients on the label? Can you use the correct INCI format for your ingredients and are you aware of the ways that you are legally allowed to declare your ingredients?
  • Do you know how to show the product shelf life?
  • Are you fully aware of how the weights or measure apply to your products?
  • Do you know what must be labelled and what does not require a label?

Our answers:

Eurofins is available to offer rapid friendly advice on your cosmetics labeling requirements.

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