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Age, repeated sun exposure, and other factors may cause the appearance of freckles on the skin. In some cultures, a clear skin is synonymous with beauty, whereas in others, whitening of the skin derives from tradition. More and more cosmetic products claim a whitening, brightening or depigmenting effect.

Eurofins offers you several colorimetric methods in order to prove these claims.


In order to determine the colour of the skin and to detect its potential alterations, we use a Colorimeter® as well as a Chromameter®. These two devices allow us to investigate the skin of adult volunteers before and after they applied a certain cosmetic product. Results are given as values of the colorimetric parameters L*a*b* and ITA (Individual Typological Angle).

Using high resolution pictures of the skin, we are able to determine its colour.

Further, we use a photo station VISIA-CR® taking either full frontal positions or sideway headshots in a standardised and reproducible manner. With different types of light (standardised, cross polarised, parallel polarised, and UV), we use this facial photo station to display and measure different skin parameters such as redness, vascularisation, rosacea, as well as freckles.


  • Brightening of the skin
  • Unifying complexion
  • Whitening (reduction of freckles)
  • Lightening
  • Anti-rosacea effect, reduction of redness
  • Soothing (redness, irritation)


  • Self-evaluation
  • Dermatological assessment
  • Image analysis: VISIA-CR® and software for image analysis (Coloskin)


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