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Make-up products

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Using make-up began a long time ago. In addition to aesthetic reasons, make-up products can also be applied to cover certain imperfections and/or to carry out skin care. Like all cosmetics, make-up products have to be compliant and do not cause damage to consumers.

In order to help you developing your make-up line, Eurofins offers different tests in order to evaluate efficacy of your products. We carry out both physical analysis and tests on volunteers.


We provide clinical tests that are carried out under medical control (ophthalmologists, dermatologists, etc.) coupled with instrumental measurements using a Colorimeter or a VISIA-CR®.

The results of our studies can bring to light the effectiveness of your make-up products for eyes, lips, and face. Furthermore, we quantify the long lasting hold, the eyelash enhancement, and/or the lip shine after using a certain product.


  • Gloss effect
  • 12 h lasting of a foundation
  • Homogeneity of the skin
  • 6 days lasting of a nail polish
  • Increase of lashes by 30%
  • Increase of lash volumes by 40%
  • Heightening of lashes by a 30º curve


  • VISIA-CR® photo station
  • Colorimetric and spatial repositioning
  • Software for image analyses
  • Colorimetric analysis
  • Self assessment
  • Physical measurements
  • Professional assessment

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