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Director Permanent Improvement Programmes

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With over 25,000 staff in more than 250 laboratories across 39 countries, Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food and biopharma product testing. It is also number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, pharma discovery services and central laboratory services.

 Its Global Service Center is located in Brussels (Auderghem) and we are looking to expand our team with a:

Director Permanent Improvement Programmes


Summary of role and objectives:

Permanent Improvement Programmes (PIP) is the internal consulting team of the Eurofins Group with global headquarters in Brussels. The team’s primary mission is to support Eurofins’ ambitious four year plan to profitably grow revenues to EUR 4bln.

PIP defines, governs and implements programmes to ensure harmonisation, standardisation and optimisation of relevant Eurofins operations, builds required capabilities throughout the organisation and provides relevant insights for the company’s business leaders. Eurofins is currently searching for an outstanding candidate to lead this driven, highly skilled and diverse team of consultants.

Role & objectives

Deployment of Lean management

Over the last years Eurofins has invested significant resources in the development of a tailored Lean methodology including a professional training program. The deployment of Lean has successfully started in an number of laboratories and will be significantly accelerated over the next years. As part of PIP a team of corporate Lean consultants is working with local Managing Directors and their Lean Project Managers to diagnose the status quo, identify improvement ideas, develop an implementation plan and to guide the organization towards implementation. While Lean Programme Leaders use a clearly defined methodology that is adapted to the service industry, the focus is on systematic problem solving and coaching and not on dogmatic implementation of all classical Lean tools or on just optimizing specific pain points. Strong project and change management skills are required for successful Lean implementation in a decentralized organization such as Eurofins.

Definition, alignment and standardisation of key concepts and processes at Eurofins

Given its strong growth and increasing geographic span Eurofins has launched a company-wide initiative to structure, document and converge concepts and processes along Eurofins’ main functional areas including Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. A significant effort has already been made to define key concepts and their relationships in Key Group Documents, describing the current Eurofins business model and the aspired future state. These documents will have a significant and structuring impact on future business processes and on the development requirements for Eurofins’ IT system landscape.

As part of this initiative PIP governs the programme and actively supports best practice and Eurofins key concepts document owners in identifying the needs for alignment and codification.

Definition and development of standard laboratories and processes for specific applications

Given its capabilities portfolio and its international presence, Eurofins is permanently driving towards operational best practices identification and implementation. Standardisation and harmonisation of processes and laboratories infrastructures across the group is a key objective.

Key tools for this will be:

  • The steering of local expert networks;

  • The documentation of the operational best practices as part of blueprints for standardised processes and laboratories.

    PIP supports the business experts and process optimisation teams to ensure coordination of the programme, alignment with the group priorities and consistency in the approach and documentation. Once the blueprints are defined and piloted, PIP will support their implementation at greenfield sites or by reengineering existing or newly acquired labs.

Development of methodologies and standards in performance and cost management

Design and implementation of KPI sets and performance evaluation tools is a key requirement to better understand the operational performance of Eurofins, identify opportunities for improvement and drive towards excellence.

PIP supports the definition, development and implementation of:

  • Tools and processes for performance measurement and benchmarking (e.g. corporate KPI system);

  • Standardised operational performance reporting (with a clear focus on laboratories' production performance);

  • Production of cost calculation models (using activity-based costing methodology);

  • Laboratories benchmarking methodologies (e.g. financials calculation, productivity measurement, production cost analysis).



In a fast growing group, successful leaders are frequently being offered increased areas of responsibility (subject to geographic mobility). After successful integration in the Group, the candidate may be given responsibility for (interim or permanent) / oversight of certain business units within the Group.



The ideal candidate will have 7-10 year fast track work experience in Blue Chip companies, in consulting and/or corporate. He / She (not to be repeated hereafter) will have an excellent academic background. He will be fluent in English, knowledge of French and/or German being a strong asset. He will have demonstrated experience in continuous improvement and change management, ideally in a process industry. He will have affinity for technology and IT.


Functional knowledge

The ideal candidate will have a strong hands on knowledge of Lean and continuous improvement principles, including the design and implementation of a large Lean program, the transfer of knowledge to the organization and the development of a long term continuous improvement culture. He will also have affinity for IT and technology and be able to translate processes into IT requirements.

Team Leadership

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated experience in leading small teams of highly skilled individuals, including Black Belts and sectorial experts. As a leader he will combine an entrepreneurial mindset with excellent communication and listening skills, aligning and motivating people around common goals and objectives.

Collaboration and Influencing

The ideal candidate will feel comfortable in a central, ‘spider in the web’ role. He will successfully involve multiple stakeholders in the organization, listen to their perspective and facilitate the construction of a joint vision. Leveraging his collaboration and influencing skills, he will maintain the momentum needed to ensure smooth progress of the projects.

Change Leadership

The ideal candidate will be a true change champion. He will take a critical look at structures and processes, identify best practices and suggest potential synergies. He will advocate change in the organization and will bring people on board by translating change into the benefits not only for the organization as a whole but also for themselves. He will take a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to change, building on early successes. 


Eurofins has a culture of high professional standards, with strong processes and an eye for details. Candidates will need to be fully aligned with this culture, which implies a structured and analytical approach, pragmatism and modesty.

Contact information

Please send your resume via email, mentioning the reference 2016/Director PIP. Use the following email address: