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Exploring the in vivo efficacy of your CNS/pain candidates

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The central nervous system (CNS) is prone to many diseases and pain-related disorders, especially prevalent during aging. The importance of CNS disorders is indicated by the severity of many of the diseases associated with it. These diseases include depression, epilepsy, psychosis, multiple sclerosis, and many other common, yet difficult-to-treat diseases. Eurofins, through the expertise of Panlabs, has been conducting in vivo testing for CNS and pain disorders for both efficacy and side-effect profiling for over 25 years.

We have applied our in vivo and neuroscience acumen to develop the most relevant CNS and pain-related models including epilepsy, affective disorders, neuroleptic, and multiple sclerosis, acute, inflammatory and neuropathic pain. We also offer translational models of pain such as osteoarthritis and bone cancer pain, a testament to our superlative skills. Additionally, we offer several pain-associated behavioral measurements such as mechanical allodynia, thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia, as well as cold allodynia.

With our ever-expanding portfolio of in vivo models, Eurofins has the necessary skills and expertise to assist you to evaluate whether your candidates are ready for clinical trials.

Advantages of Eurofins for preclinical CNS and pain studies:

  • >50 CNS and pain assay models available
  • Models include:
    • Analgesia / pain
      • Acute, inflammatory & neuropathic pain
    • Epilepsy / convulsions
    • Affective disorders
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Antipsychotic/neuroleptic
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Motor activity
  • Models are qualified in a dose-dependent manner with approved benchmark positive controls.
  • Companion services can monitor blood, brain, spinal cord and/or CSF exposure and biomarker analysis for PK/PD assessment.