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Target driven screening, lead optimization and selectivity profiling

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Eurofins is a global leader of in vitro screening and profiling with a comprehensive portfolio of both products and services to jumpstart your next discovery project.

We can help you with primary screening, run assays to drive structure activity relationship (SAR) studies to optimize lead compounds or identify potential off-target interactions that may threaten the success of your project.

Our experienced, expert staff is dedicated to helping you identify the compounds with the greatest chance to succeed. With prompt communication and a commitment to on-time reporting, we are devoted to helping you meet your strict project timelines. 

Benefits of in vitro testing at Eurofins:

  • A choice of binding, enzymatic and cell based functional to match your project requirements
  • Access to major targets (including exclusive targets), for cross-target liability profiling
  • Reliable, quick turnaround times and strict quality controls
  • Custom services to supplement our off-the-shelf services to meet all of your needs, providing a cost-effective way to expand your capabilities and capacity


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