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Biomarker Analysis Services

Whether your therapeutic focus is diabetes, infection, neurodegenerative disease, osteoporosis, cancer, or other disease states, our biomarker analysis can accelerate your drug discovery and development programs.

We offer consultation and services for proven biomarker assay validation, including Fit-for-Purpose strategies coupled with GxP compliance. With over 25 years of experience and industry leadership in developing and performing immunoassays on human and animal specimens, we offer proven bioanalytical services for biomarkers - from research to clinical trials and beyond. 

Regulatory Compliant Biomarker Services

We offer consultation and services for proven biomarker assay validation, including Fit-for-Purpose strategies coupled with full GxP compliance. With unsurpassed experience and following the current industry guidelines, Eurofins Bioanalytical Services provides the technical expertise, quality assurance and peace of mind essential when considering an outsourcing partner for preclinical through clinical regulated sample analysis.

Method Transfer

Transfer and optimization of non-validated or validated assays to client specifications

Method Development

Develop assays from scratch or adaptation of any commercially available assay kit


Validation of analytical methods is crucial in generating data to be used in support of regulatory submissions. Following the most up-to-date industry guidelines, we offer a fully consultative and comprehensive assay validation or cross-validation service. We validate using a fit-for-purpose approach as appropriate for the nature of the assay as well as the stage in drug development.

Sample Analysis

From a single plate to Phase III clinical trial projects, we are equipped to handle variable sample numbers and large volumes to meet the needs of our clients.


Sample Analysis on Diverse Platforms

  • Let our experienced biomarker team take the strain. We can run your samples on the commercially available assay that you specify from any vendor. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation, providing flexible services for your evolving biomarker analysis requirements.
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Choices of platforms include:

Gyrolab singulex msd cantoii ELISASTAR

Gyros Gyrolabtm

Singulex Erenna®

Meso Scale Discovery
Sector 2400
Sector S 600
Quickplex SQ 120

BC FC 500



Custom Assay Development

  • Need to develop a specific, sensitive, validated assay for the most informative, predictive, relevant biomarkers? OurCustom Assay Development Services utilizes our integrated biomarker solution (including assays, instruments, software and services) to provide a full spectrum of assay development capabilities for clients conducting protein research.  
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Biomarker Immunoassays

  • No time, no instrument? We offer one of the  largest portfolios of biomarker assays - including RIAs, ELISAs, and MILLIPLEX®MAP assays. 
  • Ship us your samples, we'll run the assay and send back validated, high quality data you can count on to advance your research.
  • Get started: For immunoassay biomarkers, send us a filled out Quote Request Form, and we will send a quotation right back to you.

Flow Cytometry

  • Flow cytometry is an essential tool for in-depth cell analysis. With the capacity to simultaneously measure multiple parameters on hundreds of individual cells per second, flow cytometry is a powerful technology with a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical development. With over 20 years of experience in flow cytometry, we have a wide range of experience in developing and validating assays to suit many different requirements including immunophenotyping, detection of intracellular and extracellular markers, and antigen binding assays.
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Genomic Analysis

  • Our genomic biomarker analysis services are coordinated with our other biomarker platforms to give our clients a unique, cross-sectional view of their systems, enabling confident pipeline decisions. 
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